Artist: Sharyn Wortman

Title: Waterloo Dawn

Oil on linen



Mankind is entering a new age. Borders are being redrawn, new invitations extended, others rescinded. Globally we are experiencing a new dawn and the shift is palpable. This kind knowing is normally only afforded to us by the rear view of history. This time however, we are more than aware.


Waterloo Dawn, a  semi abstract, landscape painting was informed by many early morning ferry rides on the River Thames. The sky and river are blood red; the sun, rising. The lights on the bridge are yet to be extinguished from the previous evening.  The details of Waterloo Bridge are coming into focus, forms that are yet to fully emerge, are still recognisable in scale and shape. Sinister shadows dissolve with the intrusion of the light associated with the new day.





Waterloo Dawn