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Amy Maria Tong


Amy Maria Tong es conocida por su experimentación abstracta en bodegones y retratos. Su trabajo es a menudo un collage de escenarios idealizados de múltiples capas, que expresan las huellas emocionales de sus encuentros diarios con la sociedad. Haciendo uso de colores llamativos, una gama de técnicas de creación de marcas y diversos medios, crea entornos texturizados para explorar la complejidad de las emociones humanas dentro de escenarios surrealistas.



Muestra de arte Connectare, The Nate, Hong Kong

Poseerlo, WeWork, Central, Hong Kong

Fin de semana, D2 Place, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong


Instagram: @amymariat

Sitio web:

"Socks off before meditation"
Mixed media and oil on recycled plastic tiles.

"Socks off before meditation"

Socks off before meditation, inspired by its medium of oil on recycled plastic, creates relevance through minimalism in broad strokes and hints at eco-scarcity, whether through self-imposed privilege or forced. With angular fissures underlying a bellowing expanse of flora - futuristic both through shape and a design – these projections of controlled doses of convenient nature, colonized through the lens for LED screens, present a forgotten idea of being possibly lost in nature, where scenic trails may abruptly turn off by a voice activated command.
One can almost feel the pastoral vapours wave through lusty brushstrokes exhibiting a desire for this intimate connection that may no longer be; the vulnerable figure askance from centre breaks her meditative fourth wall longingly, as if to acknowledge a sense of hyper voyeurism in a bizarre supplication of awareness, hoping that her unnatural form may distance herself from both the augmentations of the curated bits of nature in her possession and a literal depression behind - while we may be ultimately alone, we are still alone together, connected through rainbows wisps a door away.


"I believe art can inspire people to think in general. Artist can create conceptual work that put our environmental issue into perspective for viewers. Some can evoke emotions. "
-Amy Maria Tong

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